Make your apology count with these simple tips.  


Be bold in what you reveal. Make it personal – I don’t want corporate apologies.

Remember – the listeners need to understand things about you so explain / address these issues in your apology:

·        The connection between you and the subject of your apology. Is it your mother? Your best friend from 30 years ago etc. Was it a positive happy relationship? Was it competitive and toxic? Give us idea of what the person meant to you.

·        Is this a long-standing issue or new?

·        Give us details. Recall an argument, the last contact you had, how the person looked. Small details can be very evocative.

·        Explain how you’ve been feeling since and what you hope to gain from your apology.

Pick an apology of some substance. Lightweight apologies can be great but remember that people all around the world want to be amazed by your apology.


Record on the best quality tech you can find. Your phone may be better than via a laptop or desktop and microphone. My Apologise page has an inbuilt recorder or you can use your preferred tech and email me the MP3 file.

You may want to write out your apology before recording it. This will ensure that you don’ forget vital details.

Speak a little slower than usual and perhaps a little louder, especially if English is not your first language. You might wish to have someone else record your words – that’s no problem.

Minimise background noise.

Three minutes maximum thanks. Two is better.

And remember - sound like you’re actually sorry.