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Real apologies from real people, from all across the globe.

Season 2 launches early October.


A Rwandan man apologizes for not saving his neighbor’s life.

A six-year-old apologizes for giving her little sister’s doll a haircut.

A Malaysian woman apologizes for being bisexual.

The Hardest Word podcast is devoted to the most powerful word in the English language: sorry. The apologies come from everywhere and swing from sweet to deadly serious. Listen right now below.

If you feel the need to apologize (and you should) this is your chance. Life-changing or trivial - if you are sincere, we are interested. 


We’ve tallied your votes and created a SPECIAL EPISODE of your five favourite apologies from season one. This is the perfect way for new listeners to get to know the show. Warning - this is one hell of a collection.


Episode 101: Things. Apologies from Palestine, Hong Kong, India and Bangladesh. 11 minutes.

Episode 104: Amore. Apologies from South Africa, The Philippines, India & England. 12 minutes.

Episode 110: Genocide. One powerful apology that will stay with you for a long time. 8 minutes.