Oh it seems to me,
That sorry seems the be the hardest word.
— Elton John from 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word.'

About Brett de Hoedt

The host of The Hardest Word was an early adopter of the podcast medium, creating podcasts Hootville and The Anglican and the Atheist in 2004. He was a young kid with a pocket full of pod-dreams.

Alas the dawn of podcasting's golden age was a decade away and the podcasts withered along with his ego. 

Since then Brett has strutted stages as a speaker and emcee. When not basking in the limelight he consults on marketing and communications via his agency Hootville Communications. 

He lives with his partner and their wirehaired dachshund Archibald in Melbourne, Australia. Brett feels he is due many more apologies that he is likely to receive.