the apology podcast

Be a part of the show.

Write or record your apology right now.

The Hardest Word podcast depends on your contributions so if you feel the need to apologise, this is your chance. We take apologies of all sizes: life-changing to the trivial, as long as they are sincere.

You can apologise to a ex-lover, a friend, colleague, sibling or a neighbour. Maybe an old boss deserves a mea culpa. Your parents definitely do. The recipient of your apology needn't be human. You might feel the need to say "sorry" to a place, pet or piece of technology that you shortchanged somehow.

Write your apology below right now or click the red tab on the right of the screen and record it.

And yes - of course you can stay anonymous. 

Written apologies may be read out or voiced by an actor. We might not use none, some or all of your apology. We’ll treat your apology with due respect, though we have fun with lightweight apologies.  

Listen to some apologies before you write or record your own.

Tips: keep your apology short - a maximum of three minutes but closer to two minutes is better.

Write or speak directly to the apologisee. Be bold. Whether you’re writing or recording, you need to explain what you are apologising for as part of your apology, whether the apologisee knows or not. 

Name - real or fake - just give us something *
Name - real or fake - just give us something
Eg: Anjelica my former boss.
Feel free to detail your age, where you live, what you do or give me something more obscure. It's up to you - but help me out because listeners love to get an idea of the person behind the apology.