Season two is ready to launch. Unlike season one, most of our episodes will feature a solitary apology running a compact five minutes or so. We have some doozys awaiting you. Breath will be taken and hearts will be broken.

On the agenda - troublesome monkeys, old cars, unfavoured kids, absent dads, violent elections, and much more.

That’s why we’ve been called 2019’s best new podcast.

Season two will feature some longer special episodes looking at apologies more broadly. We’ll also follow up with some of the apologizers from season one. Coming at you weekly from October 14. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to get the episodes as they drop.


Votes have been tallied and we’ve compiled your five favourite apologies from series one of the best new podcast of 2019 The Hardest Word. All killer, no filler, as voted by you - enjoy. Thanks to all those who voted. Launches Friday October 4.

July 2019: Season 2 is well into pre-production and we want your apologies. Also - if you have a group of people who might like to write an apology - kids, students, a writers’ group, prisoners, seniors, those dealing with terminal illness, certain professions, LGBTI, a faith group - let us know. Remember - you can be anonymous and if you don’t want to record your apology just send us a written apology and we’ll find a voice.

July 2019: It’s still a little bit secret but we have great news. The Hardest Word podcast has been picked up by a new London radio station. Episodes will be played nightly to a potential audience, the size of which makes us very excited indeed. July is proving to be a very good month indeed.

June 2019: The Hardest Word is gaining a media profile. Just a week after his ABC Melbourne interview, our creator and host Brett de Hoedt was interviewed about the best new podcast of 2019 on ABC RN. Have a listen. On the agenda - why apologies are so hit right now.

June 2019: Is The Hardest Word one of 2019’s best new podcasts? We think so. More to the point Bello Collective does too. The collection of podcasting aficionados has named The Hardest Word as of June 2019’s best podcasts. We’re chuffed by the recognition. Thanks Bello. Do we get a trophy? More to the point how big is it?


Season 2

Season two is officially open for business. We’re taking your apologies about all things but we’d particularly love to receive apologies relating to fathers, romance, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Brexit.

We’re Social

Have you heard about social media. It’s all the rage, especially since we joined it. Like us us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


We have launch!

Series 1 is complete. 10 episodes are now on iTunes and spreading their way to other channels as we speak. Our themes include: Things, Kids, Parents, Amore, Animals, Places, Thyself and Genocide. We hope you love them. Each episode has heartbreakers and jaw droppers.



Hardest Word logo.png

We have logo!

We’re pretty chuffed with this logo which is the work of Lithuanian designer Marius Cernusevicius.

All we need are some episodes but that’s up to us.


We want (need) you

As we get ready to launch the show we are searching the globe for people who wish to contribute their apologies. Remember - no apologies = no show. 

Apologising makes you feel better and who knows - it may even get you back in the good books with someone special. 

typewriter orange.jpg

Is that the sound of keys being struck? Methinks so. A week or so from our February 1 2019 launch and we already have a swag of apologies from Pakistan, England, Poland, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and more.

Thankyou. I’m astounded. Keep ‘em coming.


I’ve created a page Tips for a Great Apology which contains exactly that.

It covers both content and technical issues.


We’ve just had our first tears within an apology. It comes at the end of an apology to a mother from a woman reflecting on a mistake she made decades ago. It was a silly, teenagers’ mistake; one that had serious consequences that she better appreciates now.

It’ll create a shower of tears across the glove when it’s heard. I had tears just listening.